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Product description

UNI-Coupling is the best alternative for the well-known Straub coupling. The UNI-Coupling creates a connection between two pipes, quickly and easily. Better than a wire connection, faster than welding, and safer than a flange connection. Great for the shipping and offshore sector due to the corrosion resistance and temperature. 

Best alternative to Straub coupling

UNI-Coupling is the best alternative for Straub couplings. The patented sealing and tensile connection ensures a leak-tight seal and tensile connection. In addition, installing the couplings is a quick process.

"Better, faster and safer than you are used to."

Advantages of UNI-Coupling

  • Guaranteed leakproof
  • Corrosion free
  • Totally secure
  • Certified and approved for the shipbuilding and offshore sectors
  • Greater reach; fewer couplings and more outside diameters
  • Fire protection easily retro-fittable
  • Durable coupling using 316-grade stainless steel (W5).


Additional advantage

An additional advantage is that the UNI-Coupling is priced lower than other stainless steel couplings. We hold stock and are able to adapt our stock to meet your needs. This means the couplings can be delivered to you quickly.

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